Red Redmond – Dead Cat Comedy Club

Dead-Cat-Comedy-Club-Logo-BW-2012-10-19-12-e1360092954348-150x142Early 2013, Red approached me with this great new venture: a comedy club that is free entry and only asking for a donation at the end of the show. I’ve been involved with Manchester’s comedy circuit in a few ways, I’m a player in Comedy Sportz UK, I have made a number of logo’s and events posters for comedy clubs around Manchester; when I heard about this new concept for an evening I was very interested.

Red needed a logo doing, but more than that, it would be the branding for the night. I knew this would be a big job, as having a recognisable brand from the off would give Dead Cat Comedy the best start in a city such as Manchester. It’s an experimental business model, and I knew Red would be putting a lot of his own money up front to finance the initial costs such as design and printing so I had to find ways to keep the costs down.

He had the idea that a dead cat would feature somehow in the logo. Obviously seeing a dead cat can be somewhat disconcerting for some people, but there are forms of artwork that can make even the most gruesome visage look adorable, I figured a more cartoony style would make the image a little less shocking. Keeping the icon black and white will help keep the costs down at this stage in the company’s development, but good logo design can be effective without any colour, and it will be easy to adapt the logo to colour some time in the future should Red chose to.


The posters and flyers, featuring the new logo, were made largely to the aesthetic of the night which Red has billed almost like the ceremony at a funeral (this sounds bizarre for a comedy night, I would advise you to see it in action to appreciate it fully.) The black and white, and grey gravestone is fully illustrated and textured. On the flyer, the front and back of the gravestone match up, if Red wanted to he could cut around the gravestone and it would make quite a striking flyer!

This is Red’s testimonial for the work I did on this job. Red often returns back for more poster work from me, the night is so successful I am not creating posters for three venues in Mancester and the surrounding areas, and there is talk of a fourth regular night in Salford. Later in the year, Red has told me he will be commissioning some posters for Dead Cat’s flurry up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival…


Hello, my name’s Red Redmond and I’m the founder of Dead Cat Comedy Club.

I hired Sye to help with the branding of my business. He has supplied us with everything from flyer design to website design. All his work has been exceptional. He is skillful  punctual and a pleasure to work with. Sye has great professionalism and backs this up with an impressive artistic instinct. From just a few ideas I had in my head Sye helped craft a beautifully striking and recognizable logo. He then branched out, creating some cracking flyer and poster designs that have really got people talking. I cannot recommend Sye highly enough.

Sye is a reliable, affordable and endlessly talented young man. Sye doesn’t just illustrate. He can give your business a look, an image, a personality.

Red Redmond,
Dead Cat Comedy Club.