Sye Watts -  Manchester Based Artist

Sye Watts is an artist and illustrator operating in Sheffield, England. He has a background in fine art and design, and experience creating illustrations for web and printed literature such as publicity materials, educational material (work books) and children’s publications, as well as story boarding and comic books.

Some previous clients of Sye’s include Integrity Coaching, The University of Salford Students Union, Wigan Council, The Salfordian (newspaper), fmylife.com, PLAY Festival and a number of comedians and comedy nights around the north west.

Sye’s skill set and specialities include illustration, concept art, comics, children’s book illustration and book covers, story boarding, leaflet/poster design, web design and branding.

He offers his work on a commission basis. Feel free to get in touch if you need an illustration for a poster, leaflet, web site, book, T Shirt, or for further enquiries.